Why your mind speaks louder than your heart?

Mind is an instrument of God which speak through thoughts.

Thoughts appears in mind from imagination, vision and intention of us on all the aspects of life. I am not here to teach you. I am here to give you a subjective opinion how mind works. Hope to inspire you creating a better world where you are now.

The idea of this article appeared as an insight in a morning listening the sound of water on this video on Youtube:  The Sound of water calms the mind, body & soul. Have you observed how powerful is the energy of water? Many times in articles I speak about water. Why? Water is the element of life which brings wisdom, changes, cleansing old memories, old wounds and sadness and allowing to us to be…here and now.

I LOVE WATER. All my life I lived near by the water. What a coincidence, you might say. 🙂 I say that God has a funny way to show me what my heart wants. I want simple things. Silence. Love. Emotions. Wisdom. Creation. Inspiration. Beauty. Art. People. Flowers. Words. Air. Earth. Fire. Water. Metal. In order to continue I have to admit that I love everything on this beautiful planet. 🙂

Beauty of this world appears in the smallest things such as a hug, a beautiful word, a dear person seen, a kiss on the forehead, a ray of sunshine in a challenge of life, an emotion described so beautifully by a person that you even know her but it changed your course of the day, a bouquet of flowers which smells like heaven in  the corner of the room and all space shines, a wish become reality, a book that you like appears in your life, a simple gesture of your dear person made you feel the most loved person in the world, a shower of a few minutes which helps you to start the day inspired and ready for a new beginning, a rich breakfast full of vitamins and proteins that keeps you energised entire day, a calm music which helps you to relax mind, body&soul.

Do you have the need to listen the sound of water even is midnight and your mind is asking for a sign to clam her down? Here you are in the right place. Press Play here or you can go above on Youtube link.

Close your eyes and Enjoy, beautiful soul.

With love, Mihaela Ribu


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